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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
28.10.21 04:40 PM Comment(s)

Balancing the Negative with Positive

10-28-21 Numberscope by Agility Solutions

The number 5 in numerology expresses characteristics of a free spirited nature, but today's number 5 expresses the 5 under the tutelage of a divine nature of sorts, which balances out those characteristics that can be susceptible to excess and overindulgence.  All numbers as with astrology and the tarot have positive and negative aspects depending on the person, situation, and whether the advice given to balance the possible negative consequences are taken.  With careful consideration one will find that too much of almost anything may not be good after all.  Too much of a free spirited/carefree approach to life can lead to the overindulgence in sensual pleasures (sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, overeating, etc.).  

This card represents the image of Oxala/Obatala who in the Afro Brazilian tradition of Candomble is syncrenized with Jesus Christ.  The Way Shower.  The Teacher of the Way and the son of the Blessed Virgen Mary.  

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