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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
30.10.21 07:00 AM Comment(s)

Two Approaches to Living

10-30-21 Numberscope by Agility Solutions

When we look at the number one in numerology from the combination of the numbers 3 and 7 we see that they combine in order to bring about reflection. In numerology the number 3 expresses as the playful child that is happy when everything is going well, and tends to be somewhat materialistic. This can cause trouble when demanding issues arise (which are a normal part of life). The number 7 brings balance to the number 3's materialistic playful approach to life. The characteristics of the number 7 is the depths of spirituality. In order to avoid the negative consequences of karma which stem from approaching life with a playful childlike approach the 7's influence on the 3 will cause the necessary reflection required to avoid trouble. This reflection allows one to move past the superficiality of living to learning what truly being alive means. Does being truly alive mean to enjoy all that life has to offer regardless of the impact of health, wealth, and the consideration of others? Does being truly alive mean to except the pain, discomfort, and loneliness that life often brings? That is what today's number 1 (3 plus 7="10" (1 plus 0 =1) represents. Being able to balance the immature tendencies to overly focus on sensual pleasures and temporary happiness to delve into the core of living an earthly existence without the temporary pleasures of life. After all these things are merely traps for the ego which is the number 3's playground.

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