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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
01.11.21 07:00 AM Comment(s)

Your Reality is Your Creation

11-1-21 Numberscope by Agility Solutions

Today's Numberscope is created with the combination of the number 1 resulting from the number 10, which in numerology is reduced to the number 1 by adding the 1 and the 0 together.  Although there is no significance given to the number 0 in western numerology in most cases there is a universal understanding of the concept of the 0 being nothingness and a void.  A vortex of sorts waiting to be filled.  This nothingness is filled with the number that precedes it.  The nothingness of the 0 does not change the number 1 so this vortex of nothingness of the 0 is filled up with all that the 1 is.  The number 1 is a number that takes charge, and does not wait for things to happen, but makes them happen.  It is goal oriented and extremely focused.  

In traditional tarot this card from the new Angel Wisdom Tarot represents newness and letting go of the old.  With today being the 1st day of a new month it is fitting to the concept of moving into the new month by letting go of last month.  No matter how hard you wish, pray, or try you can not bring October 2021 back, and it would be a waste of energy to try to.  A better use of energy would be to look at what this month brings with anticipation for what can be done to create a better family, life, job, career, business, etc. for yourself.  There are things that you may wish you could have done better.  This card is a reminder that the situation that you find yourself in today is an accumulation of what was carried over from the previous one (the individual is surrounded by 10 swords (10 months).  Angel Number 10 represents creating your own destiny.  So why not focus on what you will carry over to December, and better yet the New Year, which is only two months away.  What will you manifest today, this week, and this month of November (11).  November is represented by the number 11, which is a master number.  Master numbers are not reduced to single digit numbers, but rather are or a double dose of that particular number.  In numerology master numbers are an extremely potent source of energy.  Why wait until December 31st to focus on New Year's Resolution's when you can start today by understanding that next month will be a creation of what you do this month, and next year will be an accumulation of what you did(or did not do) this year.  Use the energy of November's double dose of the 1's energy and drive to complete any unfinished projects or goals to ensure you step into the New Year with a sense of newness.

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