Today's Numberscope

Lakisha Lynette Bealer
10.11.21 07:00 AM Comment(s)

A Balancing Act

Numberscope 11-10-21 by Agility Solutions

Whether your life is taking a new direction due to your choice, someone else's, or a new opportunity it can be difficult to adjust to the new surroundings you're in.  To achieve a sense of calm embrace the experience with a sense of curiosity and newness.

Affirmation:  I embrace new beginnings and make my dreams come true.

Today's Angel Message:

It's all about balance right now.  Yes, we know how excited you are for the future, and we're aware of your amazing talents.  We also know how much those you love mean to you.  You want to take on the world?  Go for it! Just remember to leave time for family and friends. 

- Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

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