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Lakisha Lynette Bealer
12.11.21 07:00 AM Comment(s)

Don't Give Up

Numberscope 11-12-21 by Agility Solutions

Today we all seem to strive for youthfulness, but that striving is meaningless compared to the youthful beauty of one's ability to harness the power of their own inner beauty.  Beauty and youth are similar in that they both cause one to feel less prone to issues that are considered to be age related.  When you see life from the eyes of youthfulness and vanity beauty becomes external to who and what you are.  It never causes one to look beneath the surface.  Superficiality grows from the need to gain at the cost of yourself.  When things are no longer able to bring joy and fulfillment then  one becomes unable to enjoy simple pleasures of life like the beauty found in nature.  This is how one becomes dependent on material things and constant seeking of pleasure.

Angel Message:  We are watching you with immense pride and love!  Have no fear, for we are helping you every step of the way. - Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

Gemstone:  Turquoise

Turquoise assists in navigating through life's obstacles, enhancing energetic feelings of wholeness, serenity and emotional balance.  It acts as a gateway between the heavens and the earthly realm to give you the power to stay completely grounded but fluid enough to be deeply connected with spirit. 

Plant:  Basil

To enhance your love life sprinkle the basil leaves on your lover's food. Also you can sprinkle Basil in your bath to draw a new refreshing love to come into your life or to wash an old love out of your life.  Learn more

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