Chakras: All You Need to Know

Lakisha Lynette Bealer
31.08.21 08:58 PM Comment(s)


Chakras are a Group of emotions with strong Energies that affect our body, mind and soul. Those energies manifest their powers at different locations in the human body. When we try to empower those emotional Energies to work in our favor, we call it chakra balancing or chakra healing. When these energies navigate themselves from the bottom to the top, spiritual healing happens which subsequently leads to a healthy physical and psychological life. Root chakra depicts the emotional energies of settlement in life. Sacral chakra depicts emotional energies of connection with the rest of the world. Navel chakra depicts our confidence. Heart chakra depicts the emotional energies of desires. Throat chakra represent the energies of communication. Third eye chakra represents our Thoughts. Crown chakra represent connection with the Spiritual world. 

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