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Today's Numberscope
Today's number two shows up in the earth element. In indigenous spiritual traditions around the globe the earth element is essential to the sustaining of life here on this planet.
Today's Numberscope
Today's Number 9 shows up in the form of the Hermit. Some of the qualities of the number 9 are altruism and benevolence.
Today's Numberscope
The number 33 is a master number. Master numbers are not reduced to single digit numbers and are an increased amount of the single digits source of both strengths and weaknesses. It is also playful and fun loving.
Today's Numberscope
Today we all seem to strive for youthfulness, but that striving is meaningless compared to the youthful beauty of one's ability to harness the power of their own inner beauty.
Today's Numberscope
Whether your life is taking a new direction due to your choice, someone else's, or a new opportunity it can be difficult to adjust to the new surroundings you're in.
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