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Today's Numberscope
The number 33 is a master number. Master numbers are not reduced to single digit numbers and are an increased amount of the single digits source of both strengths and weaknesses. It is also playful and fun loving.
Today's Numberscope
Today's Number 9 is created with the combination of the numbers 6 and 3. The number 6 is the most loving of all the numbers and the number 3 is the most playful of all the numbers.
Today's Numberscope
Today's Number 2 is within the Fire Element followed by two 7's. These cards together speak to the meaning of staying true to who you are while you are looking for a new partner and while sustaining an ongoing relationship.
Today's Numberscope
Unlike the Major Arcana and the other tarot cards the court cards are not numbered which leaves them open to interpretation to what number they correspond to.
Today's Numberscope
The number 2 is dual in its nature. When it comes to partnerships and cohesion this could be a beneficial quality. Like with most things there is a negative aspect to the 2's duality, which represented in this card shows a blinded and armed woman.
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