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Everyone wants to be successful in their respective careers. Paralegals are no exception to that, but oftentimes paralegals hit the glass ceiling sooner than professionals in other careers. If you are serious about either becoming a paralegal or taking your career to the next level you don't want to miss this live webinar. It is not only for those who are interested in registering for the Expert Paralegal Training and Certification it is a great session for anyone who wants to learn specific actionable tips and pointers on how to meet their career goals and take their career to new heights. The following topics will be covered in this 60 minute webinar: 1. How do you define success? 2. Who determines whether or not you are a success or not? 3. Understanding the 16 Laws of Success 4. How to Become an Expert Paralegal 5. What does it mean to Become an Expert Paralegal 6. Do you need to have a college degree to become a certified paralegal? 7. How the changing global landscape requires EQ and CQ 8. Knowing when it is time to change career paths

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    Expert Paralegal: Expectations vs. Reality

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