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Take all three modules of the expert paralegal program and pass the exam to become certified.  The expert paralegal training and certification is the only paralegal training program that incorporates six sigma into the program curriculum in order to ensure that those that complete the entire program are able to meet the demands of the ever changing legal industry.

Module I:  Technology 
Module one consists of the lessons included in weeks 1 through 3.  This module focuses on the legal aspects of working in a modern legal organization.  It covers topics related to law firm e-mail policies, social media strategies, and eDiscovery process and procedures in order to assist participants with meeting the challenges of today's paralegal working environment.  Applying Six Sigma to the paralegal role assists paralegals with understanding the importance of avoiding the mundane tasks that paralegals who operate with a legal secretary mindset will tend to focus their day conducting.  Overall this approach to completing paralegal specific duties will allow those that successfully complete the program to outperform their counterparts.  

Module II:  Research & Organization
Module II consists of the lessons included in weeks 5 and 6.  The main focus of this module is to transform legal research from being performed as a creative artistic approach that is oftentimes haphazard into a scientific approach that can be successfully applied and measured for maximum paralegal efficiency. After completing this module participants will have a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma for paralegals legal research process and how to properly organize evidence and records.

Module III:  Case Management
Module III consists of the lessons included in weeks 6 through 8.  Effective case management and project management skills go hand in hand.  They are required to be successful in the legal industry.  Due to the massive amounts of information that is involved in a legal matter it is critical for a paralegal to understand the correlation between the two.  It is imperative that paralegals incorporate project management skills into managing legal matters.  This training module focuses on the various aspects of effective legal case management including law office communication and legal billing.  In addition to the live course lessons registration includes access to an experiential law office simulation that provides a realistic environment for practicing and reinforcing topics covered in the program, effective time management, and the role of the paralegal in the delivery of legal services.