Hibiscus Matcha
Hibiscus Matcha
Hibiscus Matcha

Hibiscus Matcha

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Introducing what is perhaps a magical elixir of love. How so? For an explanation we travel to the islands of Hawaii. There, it is said when a woman wears a hibiscus flower behind her left ear, she is looking for a new love. Hibiscus worn behind the right ear indicates she's found one. Worn behind both ears? Well, that's anyone's guess.

Often called the Queen of Tropical Flowers, hibiscus has many other corporeal benefits besides indicating one's deep carnal desires. Indeed, according to natural health practitioners, drinking a tisane made from hibiscus flowers may also be good for heart health. Specifically, hibiscus tea is thought to prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure, thanks to the presence of flavonoids and high levels of Vitamin C within its petals.

To help you max out the benefits of this heart-affirming flower, we've sourced luxury grade organic hibiscus that has been passed through a Japanese matcha mill. (Remember, when you drink matcha, you're consuming and digesting the actual leaves themselves.) The result is a lusciously powdered leaf destined to get hearts and minds frothing. Whisk up a cup today and decide whether you're going to drink it with the left hand or the right. Here's to love!

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